The Wallace Stevens Journal

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Volume 38, Number 2, Fall 2014

Special Issue: Helen Vendler’s Stevens


“Fifteen Ways of Looking at Helen Vendler’s Stevens.”

Bart Eeckhout, Natalie Gerber, and Lisa Goldfarb

“Helen Vendler’s Publications on Stevens: A Selected Chronological Survey”

The Editors

“‘The Human Repertoire’: An Interview with Helen Vendler on Stevens.'”

David J. Alworth

Tributes and Essays

“Helen Vendler: Our Necessary Angel.”

John N. Serio

“Invisible Listener: Helen Vendler Discovers Stevens through His Recordings.”

Bonnie Costello

“From Crude Compoundings: Some Contexts for Helen Vendler’s Early Stevens Criticism.”

Minda Rae Amiran

“Helen Vendler’s Stevens: A Poet of Language-Driven Meditations.”

John L. Koethe

“Helen Vendler’s On Extended Wings Today.”

Joshua Kotin

“Vendler’s Stevens, 1985.”

Al Filreis

“‘Human Misery’ and Other Feelings: Helen Vendler’s Stevens.”

Stephen Burt

“Tone and Emotion in Helen Vendler’s Dickinson and Stevens.”

Massimo Bacigalupo

“Nobility, Tautology, Identity: Form in Helen Vendler’s Stevens.”

Siobhan Phillips

“Helen Vendler, Stevens, and What Is Possible.”

Beverly Maeder

“My Invisible Teacher: Helen Vendler on Stevens.”

Lisa Goldfarb

“Coming of Age as a Scholar through Helen Vendler’s Stevens.”

Natalie Gerber

“Stevens’ Voice: Listening with Helen Vendler.”

Stefan Holander

“Without External Reference? The Public-Private Helen Vendler.”

Edward Ragg

“The Planet–or Just America? On Helen Vendler’s Claims about Stevens’ Americanness.”

Bart Eeckhout