The Wallace Stevens Journal

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Volume 39, Number 1, Spring 2015

Editor’s Column

A Ghostly Visit to London (Enter Stevens in a 500-Year-Old Bavarian Tree)

Bart Eeckhout


Threshold Poetics: Stevens and D. W. Winnicott’s “Not-Communicating”

John W. Steen

“These Immeasurable Mysteries”: Rites of Passage in Stevens and Cummings

Megan Milota

A Roundtable on Charles Altieri’s Wallace Stevens and the Demands of Modernity

Guest-Edited by Jeffrey Blevins

In the Shadow of Central Man: Self-Transcendence and Self-Discovery in Charles Altieri’s Reading of Stevens

Allen Dunn

“Not a Choice between but Of”: Revisiting Stevens’ Other Major Grammatical Operator

Edward Alexander

How Stevens Uses the Grammar of Is

Jeffrey Blevins

Poetics and the Question of Value; or, What Is a Philosophically Serious Poet?

Barrett Watten

Response to a Roundtable

Charles Altieri


Thirteen Blackbirds Looking to Do Something New

Katie Manning

Valley Glosa

Shaune Bornholdt

Rhododendrons in the Rain

Evelyn Posamentier

Bugs Bunny as My Totem Animal

Dawn Corrigan

Later Rescue

Elisabeth Oliver

House for Sale

Dennis Barone

I Am a Figure of Speech

Gabrielle Myers