The Wallace Stevens Journal

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Volume 39, Number 2, Fall 2015

Special Issue: Stevens and the Cognitive Turn in Literary Studies
Edited by Natalie Gerber and Nicholas Myklebust


Stevens and the Cognitive Turn

Natalie Gerber, Nicholas Myklebust


“Bergamo on a Postcard”; or, A Critical History of Cognitive Poetics

Nicholas Myklebust

Aesthetics and Impossible Embodiment: Stevens, Imagery, and Disorientation

G. Gabrielle Starr

A Mirror on the Mind: Stevens, Chiasmus, and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mark J. Bruhn

“The Eye’s Plain Version”: Visual Anatomy and Theories of Perception in Stevens

Deric Corlew

Acoustic Confusion and Medleyed Sound: Stevens’ Recurrent Pairings

Roi Tartakovsky


Notes Post-Crisis

Chris Bolster

Homage to Stevens

James Reiss

Pale Gull

Joan Payne Kincaid


Nausheen Eusuf

Roots Below

Peggy Aylsworth

Hartford Was Seen under a Black Street Lamp, and: Stevens Walked a Yard Goat Back to the Woods, and: How Stevens Met Crane on a Covered Bridge

Charles Fort

Fictive Music

William Ford


The Anatomy of Bloom: Harold Bloom and the Study of Influence and Anxiety by Alistair Heys (review)

J. Hillis Miller

The Cambridge History of American Poetry ed. by Alfred Bendixen and Stephen Burt (review)

Mutlu Konuk Blasing

Yeats and Modern Poetry by Edna Longley (review)

Edward Clarke

Affirmation of Poetry by Judith Balso (review)

Thomas Gould

The Vagabond Spirit of Poetry by Edward Clarke (review)

Rachel Malkin

Survey Review of a Year’s Essays on Stevens (review)

Zachary Finch

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