John N. Serio Award

The John N. Serio Award is given annually for the best article published in The Wallace Stevens Journal. Below is a list of winners from 2011 to the present.

2022. Hannah Simpson, ““Stevens and the Necessity of Distance: International Influence and the Theater Auditorium” (Spring 2022)

2021. Juliette Utard, “Epistolary Stevens” (Spring 2021)

2020. Patrick Redding, “How Stevens Read His Emerson: Marginalia and the Spirit of the Age” (Spring 2020)

2019. Bart Eeckhout, “In, on, or about the Words’: the Latent Music of Stevens’s Poetry” (Fall 2019)

2018. Sarah Kennedy, “’We reason of these things with a later reason’: Plain Sense and the Poetics of Relief in Eliot and Stevens” (Spring 2018)

2017.    Kurt Heinzelman, “The Need of Being Versed: Frost, Stevens, and Birds” (Spring 2017)

2016.    Gül Bilge Han, “The Poetics of Relational Place-Making and Autonomy in Stevens” (Fall 2016)

2015.    Roi Tartakovsky, “Acoustic Confusion and Medleyed Sound: Stevens’ Recurrent Pairings” (Fall 2015)

2014.    Glen MacLeod, “Stevens and the Cast Tradition” (Spring 2014)

2013.    Rachel Galvin, “ ‘Less Neatly Measured Common-Places’:  Stevens’ Wartime Poetics” (Spring 2013)

2012.    D. Zachary Finch, “ ‘He That of Repetition is Most Master’: Stevens and the Poetics of Mannerism” (Fall 2012)

2011.    Natalie Gerber, “Stevens’ Mixed-Breed Versifying and His Adaptations of Blank-Verse Practice” (Fall 2011)