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Ronald Sukenick’s Wallace Stevens, Musing the Obscure: Readings, an Interpretation, and a Guide to the Collected Poetry (1967)

Originally published in 1967 by New York University, this indispensable guide to Wallace Stevens’s poetry is now available online.


A Stevens Chronology

Table of Contents


I. Wallace Stevens: Theory and Practice

II. Readings

III. “A Guide to Stevens’ Collected Poetry”

Visual Art Inspired by Wallace Stevens

Music Inspired by Wallace Stevens

Plays and Other Dramatic Works Inspired by Wallace Stevens

  • Things as They Are, a play by David Todd, directed by Anjanette Hall, with music by Ben Chasny, offers a staged reflection on Stevens’s life and works. It was produced by Playwrights Local in Cleveland, OH, in May 2017. One of the performances may be viewed here.