Article Submission Guidelines

The Wallace Stevens Journal welcomes submissions on all aspects of Wallace Stevens’ poetry and life. Articles range from interpretive criticism of his poetry and essays to comparisons with other writers, from biographical and contextual studies to more theoretically informed reflections. Also welcome are previously unpublished primary or archival material and photographs, proposals for guest-edited special issues, as well as original Stevens-inspired artistic and creative works.

Manuscripts should be prepared according to current MLA style (see Eighth Edition of the MLA Handbook, 2016), using Works Cited format and parenthetical citation. All lines should be double-spaced (including lines in the notes). Automated endnotes in Word are acceptable, but not automated footnotes. Please note that the journal’s house style makes one important exception to the MLA guidelines about spelling: the possessive form of family names with two or more syllables ending in a sibilant is written with an apostrophe only and no extra s (i.e., Keats’s and James’s books vs. Stevens’ and Williams’ poems). The standard sources for quotations from Stevens’ works are Wallace Stevens: Collected Poetry and Prose (Library of America, 1997) and Letters of Wallace Stevens (Knopf, 1966; rpt. Berkeley, 1996). In parenthetical citations in the text, these two sources are abbreviated as CPP and L, respectively. In rare instances where a small error in CPP occurs, it will be silently corrected on the basis of the recently corrected edition of The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens (Vintage Books, 2015).

Authors should consult recent articles to see typical content, standard form, and usual length. The journal publishes both shorter and longer pieces; there are no strict limits as to word count.

The journal also publishes poetry related to or inspired by Wallace Stevens, as well as book reviews, news and comments, a current bibliography of annual scholarship on Stevens, and reproductions of artwork inspired by the poet. For poetry submissions, contact the Poetry Editor below. For inquiries and proposals with regard to book reviews, contact the Book Review Editor below. If you are interested in proposing cover art, contact the Art Editor below.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as attached documents, and saved either in .doc or .rtf format, not in .docx. Please provide full contact information on a separate title page: name, address, phone, and e-mail. Do not include your name anywhere on the manuscript itself, and compose your text in such a way that it does not compromise anonymity in the review process.

Except for quotations from the standard sources of Stevens, authors of accepted articles are required to furnish photocopies, scans, or smartphone pictures of all quotations, with the passages clearly marked, for systematic verification. Title, author, copyright, and page number(s) should be clear.

Authors should not quote whole poems that are still under copyright (1923 and after), and they should critically discuss quoted passages, not merely use them as illustration.

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Poetry Editor:

Dennis Barone

Book Review Editor:

Zachary Finch

Art Editor:

Alexis Serio